High Security Fencing

Security has become a key focus area across the world. South Africa is no different. The advantage in our country is that we have the latest in advanced technology in high security fencing.


Fencing is the primary defence mechanism for business and any breach leaves a company vulnerable. Precise solutions, accompanied with surveillance offers vastly reduced security threats.


JIST has the right high security fencing solution tailored to your specific demands.


    Building maintenance solutions


   Upkeep of a building not only protects its investment, it ensures the safety and security of your employees,

   suppliers and staff.


   JIST has extensive experience in building maintenance and is able to tailor a solution that minimises disruption

   to productivity.




        World-class Software, Security and Maintenance solutions


       JIST offers a range of world-class services, tailored to your specific requirements. Each application

       demands customisation to tackle security challenges. JIST's surveillance solutions have been recognised

       across the globe and boasts the Mobotix Award for the Installation of the Year: 2012.




       • ISS Software Suites: Hyper-intuitive software for rapid detection, location, recognition and Identification of

       persons, objects, license plates and vehicles.

       • JIST Business Essence: Single Entry management accounting package to monitor and control every

       aspect of a business.


        Security and surveillance


       • CCTV Surveillance Systems - Access Control - IP Solutions


       IP Cameras


       IP and CCTV cameras, Power Over Ethernet (POE) technology and video streaming through web Graphical

       User Interface (GUI) offers simplicity. We have more than 15 years’ experience in Linux and other

       programming languages. From local area networks (LAN) to complex technology, computerised systems

       offer varying levels of power while providing low operating costs and simplicity in processing. JIST provides

       state-of-the-art technology in a tailored system. JIST designs network topology of your choice and

       implements the solutions:


              1. Ethernet LANs

              2. Switched LANs

              3. Voiceover Data

              4. SDSL LAN to Internet

              5. TCP/IP Networks and Addressing Structures

              6. Extra, Intra and Internet Infrastructures

              7. Wireless Solutions, etc.


            Software development

            Building management solutions


            Manufacturing solutions

           In any manufacturing business, process control is critical. Managing processes demands a solution that

           can accurately predict and report on each phase of production. This requires a sophisticated and

           dedicated solution that integrates seamlessly with current information technology and hardware.


           JIST’s exclusive solutions ensure tighter manufacturing control, reduction in risks during the process and

           precise execution of the entire production process.


           Software solutions developed by a manufacturer for a manufacturer delves deep into the factory floor,

           extracting critical success areas to maximise efficiencies and output.



           For your bricks and mortar needs, from construction to reparations, JIST has the experience and skills to

           ensure a hassle-free project. Precise solutions are mapped out prior to the commencement of works,

           including a timeline to assist with planning.







High Security Fencing

       Building Maintenance Solutions


           World-class Software, Security and Maintenance solutions


           Security and surveillance

           IP Cameras

                Software development

                Manufacturing solutions







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